Skål 112

Public Commission by Natur og Ungdom – 2019

Let’s make a toast to all the ones who cannot join us today.For the ones that obliviously have been erased of our time and phase. Let’s make a toast for the lonely last ones and what must have been an unbearable existence, longing to find a mate, but without ever realizing they were the only ones left. To the ones that strived to survive and kept walking out of instinct.Confused, displaced.The ones that did not have enough time to be reborn again.The dirty job doers, the behind the scenes workers, our unacknowledged but tamed servants, of whom we have taken all. The same ones that today become millions of thousands that we have managed to eradicate. With this toast I invite us to honor their gone forever existence. Might we recognize our time is running out!

Skål was about mourning the current state of nature, a gathering with the purpose of grieving collectively and understanding the tremendous impact of our anthropocentric actions on our planet. This project was commissioned by Natur og Ungdom and addressed the Klimasøksmål-Markeringer and took place in Jesshaim, Norway.